Restoration Physical Therapy

Yamuna® Body Rolling

The Whole Body Fitness System

Unlike other ball exercises, Yamuna Body Rolling goes far beyond random movement and stretch.

Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a whole body fitness system that…

  • stimulates bone thus improving bone quality
  • relieves pain
  • creates increased space in joints
  • elongates the spine
  • increases range of motion
  • builds a lengthened and toned core
  • relieves stress
  • promotes healing and prevention of injuries
  • frees myofascial restrictions

Unlike foam rolling or other ball exercises, YBR goes far beyond random movement and stretch. It allows you to work specific muscles in detail, working from origin to insertion. YBR has the potential to create positive, permanent changes in the body.

Yamuna Balls

Yamuna balls vary in size and density. You can create a gentler routine using a larger and softer ball or more intense session by using the small balls or a ball with a denser feel. Deflating the ball slightly creates an even softer feel if needed. What I like about these balls is that they have “give” but they also have a “give back” feel to them. They offer a therapeutic experience, whether you have fibromyalgia or osteroporosis and need a softer, larger ball or you are an extreme athlete and want a deeper intensity in your workout.

Yamuna Balls
Complete package of Yamuna Balls & pump

(10” diameter)

The gold ball is the largest ball and made of the softer material. It is good for working the back, abdomen, chest and sideline. It is recommended to begin with this ball.

(9” diameter)

The silver ball is the hardest ball so graduate to this ball after learning the YBR routines with the gold ball. It offers a greater intensity and deep tissue massage experience. It is NOT recommended for abdominal, chest or sideline work.

(6” diameter)

The pearl ball is the same density as the gold ball but smaller so it sinks more deeply into your tissues. It is a nice size for shorter people who are 5’ or less. It is good for getting into small, tight areas such as the neck, armpit, or between the breasts.

(4” diameter)

The black balls are used in many parts of the body and because of their small size can create a very deep intense effect. However, using these balls in a passive manner on a soft surface (mattress) coupled with the weight of the body creates a gentle way to experience muscular release.

What are your goals for Yamuna Body Rolling?

  • to decrease muscular or joint aches and pains?
  • to stimulate bones and improve bone quality?
  • to take your workout or favorite sport activity to the next level?
  • to problem solve to help your body to self-heal?
  • to improve your posture?
  • to de-stress at the end of a busy day?
  • to increase joint range of motion?

Is there an activity that you enjoy but you know it is taking a toll on your body? Yamuna Body Rolling helps to take the impact out of the body so that you can continue doing what you love.

If you are ready to start rolling, here is where you can purchase your Yamuna balls, Foot Fitness program, DVD’s and much more. Yamuna Products

“The beauty of Yamuna Body Rolling is that it takes you from the origin of the muscle at the tendon, elongating the muscle while stimulating the bone and soft tissue. Working with the body’s own gravity, the exercises ease movement in the muscles to the point of relaxation, offering one of the finest weight-bearing exercises, with the benefits of a deep self-massage.”
–Ms. Fitness Magazine

For more detailed information about Yamuna body rolling, read this article in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science.