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Yamuna® Body Rolling Classes and Schedule

Upcoming Yamuna Body Rolling classes.

Yamuna Body Rolling® routines release tension, improve flexibility, and energize the whole body.  This unique approach to body fitness combines direct bone stimulation, elongation and alignment of muscles, immediate feedback of where we are stuck and a feeling of spaciousness in our joints. We will use balls of various sizes and densities to knead out tightness.


Do you want to host a class at your home or facility?  Send an email to "get the ball rolling."


Classes Available:


Working the Abdominal Canister: the Core ~

The abdominal canister is much like a soda can. It has a top, bottom, front, back and sides.  Learn exercises to support the core and Yamuna Body Rolling routines that bring length and strength to the torso.


Neck and Shoulder Release ~


Improve your posture. The Neck and Shoulder routines help to lift the chest, widen the collarbones, free neck stiffness and release tightness in the shoulders.  Great way to lengthen your spine, and feel more mobile in the upper body!

Gold and pearl balls.


Deep Hip Release ~


Release tightness from the deep lateral rotators, tone the buttocks, work out tight hamstrings, quads, adductors and iliotibial bands, freeing the leg attachments to the pelvis.

Black and gold balls.


Introduction to Yamuna Body Rolling ~


Learn the basic gold ball routines.  We will free the legs from the pelvis, release the hamstrings, bring length to the front and back of the torso and roll out the spine and neck.

Gold Ball





*** If you do not live in the area, check out the Yamuna Find a Practitioner page to search for a class near you.


If the class is cancelled due to an insufficient number of students, then registered students have the choice of having their tuition fee returned, or applying their fee toward the next class s/he takes with the instructor.


If a student is sick, or for some reason not able to attend class, but notifies the instructor 48 hours prior to the class, then the student’s tuition fee will be honored toward the next class s/he takes with the instructor.