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Getting Started with Yamuna Body Rolling

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Is it time to start your Yamuna Body Rolling program?

Getting Started with Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR)

As with all new fitness programs, consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting a Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) regime, especially if you have a pre-existing condition that may limit your ability to tolerate this activity. It is strongly recommended to take a class with a certified YBR practitioner, or purchase one of the books or DVD's listed below to learn how to use the Yamuna balls properly.

Important Information about the Yamuna Balls

All of the balls come deflated with the exception of the black balls. The pump is strongly recommended as it has been specially chosen to inflate and deflate your balls. Learn how to properly inflate/deflate the Yamuna balls. Yamuna balls are certified phthalate-free.

NOTE: The maximum quantity of any one ball that can be ordered is (six) per person per year. Please read through the purchasing/shipping information page for details.

***Save on Yamuna Balls: Everyone loves to save money, so scroll down this page for discounted pricing of a full set.  A full set includes the Gold, Silver, Pearl, set of Black balls and a Pump.***

Yamuna Gold Ball

THE GOLD BALL is the largest of the Yamuna balls and is often called the beginner or basic ball. It has a softer feel. As you sink into the ball, it supports you without a hard edge. Either first thing in the morning or after a long day at work, It is the perfect ball to use to roll out both sides of the spine.


Choose this ball for the abdominal, chest, and sideline Yamuna Body Rolling routines. It is also the featured ball for the Yamuna Total Body DVD, Save Your Lower Back DVD and the Pregnancy DVD. Due to the softer density of the gold ball, it is the recommended choice for anyone with osteoporosis, fibromyalgia or rehabilitating from surgery or an injury.


*Note that the Yamuna Gold ball comes deflated and we recommend purchase of the Yamuna Pump.

It is approximately 10 inches in diameter.

Yamana Gold Ball
Yamuna Gold Ball

Gold Ball: $25.50

Yamuna Pump

THE YAMUNA PUMP is used for inflation and deflation of the Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) balls. It is powerful enough to quickly inflate the Yamuna balls, yet it is small enough to pack for traveling. It packs easily in your overnight bag, so it's easy to do YBR® when you travel. Over the years, Yamuna had to throw out many pumps along the way that would just break down from inflating these balls. This little pump has been specifically designed to work with Yamuna balls. 

All balls are shipped deflated except for the Black Balls and Face balls.

Please note: when ordering any ball from this website, know that the Yamuna Pump has been carefully selected to work optimally with these balls. While many standard sport pumps with a "basketball" needle will work, many do not, and in some cases damage the nozzle of the balls and use of other pumps will void the warranty for the Yamuna balls.

A ball can last a very long time if well cared for. The Yamuna pump is portable, lightweight, and the needle is removable so you can deflate your ball. In addition, take care when inserting a needle into Yamuna balls. We recommend you moisten the needle and twist as you insert or remove - do not force, and do not over-inflate. The first time you inflate your ball, do so until the slight bulge begins to disappear. It may not disappear entirely at first, but will after a few uses. For more information: Tips for Care and Use of Yamuna Pump

Note: Do not insert needle into the back bulb of the pump as this will damage it.

Yamuna Pump
Yamuna Pump

Pump: $20.00

Yamuna Pearl Ball


One of my favorites! THE PEARL BALL has the same consistency as the gold ball but is smaller, so it sinks more deeply into your tissues for a more intense experience.


It is also good for getting into small or tight areas such as the neck, armpit, or sternum for more detailed work. It is perfect to take when traveling as it can be deflated and fits easily into your luggage.

*Note that the silver ball comes deflated and we recommend purchase of the Yamuna Pump.


It is approximately 6 inches in diameter.

Yamuna Pearl ball
Yamuna Pearl ball

Pearl Ball: $22.00

Yamuna Silver Ball

THE SILVER BALL is a great choice once you are comfortable practicing all the Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) routines on the gold ball. Graduating to this harder, denser ball will allow you to get deeper into your tissues. The silver ball lets you work individual muscles in more detail.


It offers greater intensity, more profound releases, and a deep-tissue massage experience. This is the harder edge ball that we recommend for working the legs. If your back is in good shape, you can also use this for your back YBR routines.

We do not recommend this ball for abdominal, chest or sideline work.


*Note that the silver ball comes deflated and we recommend purchase of the Yamuna Pump.

It is approximately 9 inches in diameter.

Yamuna Silver Ball
Yamuna Silver Ball

Silver Ball: $26.00

Yamuna Black (Calf) Balls

THE BLACK BALLS are the smallest of the Yamuna balls and come in a set of two. Measuring approximately 4-inches in diameter, these balls are effective at working in tighter spaces impacting the intricate muscle chains with more detail.

Yamuna first developed them for runners, cyclists, and dancers to work their knees, calves, and ankles. The balls can also be used to help support the body with Yoga and Pilates postures. By positioning the black balls at tight points of individual tendons and muscles, you can master even the most difficult yoga postures. Yamuna has developed a gentler form of Yamuna Body Rolling called the "In Bed" work. The Yamuna Black balls are great for this body rolling experience on a mattress.

The following DVD's use the black balls: Yamuna® Yoga, Save Your Hips, Save Your Shoulders, Save Your Knee, and Save Your Ankles.


Because of their small size, they are great to take everywhere you travel, once you know how to use them correctly.

The Yamuna Black Balls come fully inflated. WARNING: Do Not Deflate these completely as they can become damaged.

They are approximately 4 inches in diameter.

small black balls
small black balls

Black Balls: $32.00

Full Set of Yamuna Balls Plus Pump

It is always great to save money. Check out the savings with the purchase of the full set of Yamuna balls.


Once you start rolling, you will want a complete set of balls. This set includes the

  • Gold Yamuna ball
  • Silver Yamuna ball
  • Pearl Yamuna ball
  • a pair of Black Yamuna Balls,
  • and a Yamuna Pump.

The Gold ball is a great ball to use when you begin. Quickly you will realize how perfect the Pearl ball is for getting into small, tight areas such as the neck, armpit, sternum, and for traveling. Sometimes you want to go deeper and the Silver ball offers a denser resistance for a deep tissue massage experience. The Black Balls, also called the Calf Balls, are used for the lower legs, for more detailed work, and are perfect for Yamuna's "In Bed" work. Lastly, the Pump is specially designed to work with the Yamuna balls.  The pump is lightweight, indispensable for traveling, and modifying the ball resistance.


Complete set (Gold, Silver, Pearl, Black balls, and Pump): $115.00

Full Set of Yamuna Balls
Full Set of Yamuna Balls

$115.00 (Discounted Price)

Yamuna Foot Fitness Kit

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Yamuna® Foot Fitness is essential for everyone at any fitness level. The Yamuna Foot Fitness Kit consists of the Foot Wakers and an instructional DVD.


Strengthen your feet and you will strengthen your whole body. This program gives you simple proactive tools and solutions that can help you alleviate pain or prevent it. Start with the Yamuna Foot Wakers to increase flexibility, range of motion and alignment. When you are ready for more detailed work, you can begin using the Yamuna Foot Savers.

Yamuna Foot Fitness helps prevent or alleviate common foot problems such as: Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Flat Feet, Hammer Toes, and Fallen Arches. We recommend that EVERYONE purchase this kit. Don't wait until you finally do have foot problems. The education provided on the DVD along with the Foot Wakers will teach you how to rebuild healthy foot function and keep it going all through your life.

It is not about the shoe, it is about knowing what you need to do to heal your feet and maintain strong, flexible and aligned feet. Once your mind knows what it needs to do to rebuild your foot function, you just have to do the work.

Learn what is needed to use your feet correctly so that it provides strong foundational support to the rest of your body.


Order your Yamuna Foot Wakers today.

Yamuna Foot Fitness
Yamuna Foot Fitness

Foot Fitness Kit: $64.95

Foot Saver Kit

Once you can easily do the Foot Waker routines, it is time to graduate to Foot Savers. These plastic half-spheres, smaller and harder than Foot Wakers. They are an intense, powerful tool for improving foot function and preventing your feet from restricting you at any time of life.

Foot Savers actually re-educate feet. They improve gait, alignment, and muscle tone, stimulate reflexology points, strengthen arches, increase range of motion, and stimulate and elongate the muscles of the calves, thighs, hips, and lower back. Foot Savers come with an informative video of the basic foot fitness routines.

This product includes YBR® Foot Fitness DVD and pair of Foot Savers. Not for use during pregnancy. If you are pregnant please use the Foot Wakers.

The Foot Wakers begin to bring back movement and flexibility in the foot. The Foot Savers work to stimulate the bone and get the impact out of the bones. They help to realign the bones so that the muscles and tendons can make it to their ends correctly aligned. Due to their size, the Foot Savers are also great at stimulating all the reflex points in your feet. A 5-minute workout on your feet can stimulate the whole body and increase your metabolic rate.


They are the perfect size for working each individual toe.

Foot Fitness DVD and a pair of Foot Savers: $59.95

Save your Feet
Yamuna Foot Savers Kit

Foot Saver Kit: $59.95

Save Your Face Kit

YAMUNA® SAVE YOUR FACE kit shows you how to apply the same basic concepts of bone stimulation and specific muscle work, only NOW to the face. The more you directly stimulate the facial bones, you prevent bone loss, keep the bones aligned and lifted, and keep the muscles adhering to their attachments and the bone itself.

Lose your repetitive stress patterns in your face, take the tension out, and improve your skin glow and muscle tone with the Yamuna® Save Face education. Men love it as much as women.

The Save your Face balls come inflated.  

Save Your Face Kit: DVD and 2 Face balls: $70.00

save the face photo
save the face photo

Save Your Face Kit: $70.00