Restoration Physical Therapy

Why Pay Attention to your Feet?

Yamuna® Foot Fitness is a program designed to wake up your feet

Our feet are our body’s foundation. With 33 bones in each foot creating 26 joints, the foot is quite a complex shock absorbing mechanism.

Our feet are so unappreciated. They work all day long, absorbing all the shock of each step. Working hard to be the foundational support for our body, our feet keep us standing, walking, running, and the myriad of other things we do in the course of all our waking hours. If we aren’t feeling pain, why pay attention to our feet?


Foundations are important. Think about your home. If the foundation is not square and level, sooner or later cracks will appear and load bearing walls will shift.


If the feet become inflexible or the alignment gets off kilter, this creates repetitive forces striking in the wrong place. When this happens, the natural shock absorbing system is unable to work properly. Sooner or later you will feel it in your feet or higher up the chain in the knee, hip, or spine as these joints will break down due to excessive forces they are not meant to withstand resulting in PAIN.


Is it Time to Make a Change?

Pain is a powerful motivator for change. Change happens when the pain of changing is less than the pain of staying the same. So most of us ignore our feet until our body screams out in pain. Or we go to therapy to deal with pain in our knee or hip, not realizing that it is the foot alignment that is the causative factor.




Yamuna Foot Fitness is a program designed to wake up your feet and bring flexibility, strength, and awareness to this important connection with the ground. The Yamuna Foot Wakers are the tool utilized with a program of simple exercises. The program teaches you what your feet need to do to be healthy and function well.


Clients are taught how to take care of their feet after the problems have been identified. Learning the Yamuna Foot Fitness program will enable you to know what needs to be done to relieve pain and enable your feet to function better.

  • Five minutes a day.
  • Five minutes to work the feet.
  • It is a practice to retrain the feet.

We are called to be good stewards of our bodies. If the foundation of your home has shifted, would you not invest in the needed work to repair it before the walls start shifting? Why wait for your joints to break down and your body collapse.

How to learn the Yamuna Foot Fitness Program

Yamuna Foot FitnessJoin me for a Yamuna Foot Fitness class or a private session.

Not in my area? See if there is a certified Yamuna Foot Fitness practitioner in your area.

Another option is to order the Yamuna Foot Fitness kit. It comes with the Yamuna Foot Wakers® and an instructional DVD.

Who needs Yamuna Foot Fitness?

  • Any one with a foot condition: bunions, flat feet, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis.
  • Anyone who plays hard: dancers, runners, extreme athletes, hikers.
  • Anyone who STANDS on their feet.
  • The beauty of this program is that it can be done standing or sitting so it can be modified to your own abilities and tolerance.

Benefits of YFF®:

✴YFF® offers a range of benefits for the entire body as well as the feet.

✴Working the feet stimulates, tones, and elongates all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the legs.

✴YFF® enables people to develop more range of motion and movement, not only in the feet themselves but up through the pelvis and torso.

✴YFF® releases impact in the feet, creating greater ease of movement in the joints above.

✴YFF® increases circulation throughout the body.

✴ YFF® stimulates bones, improving bone quality.

✴YFF® improves alignment throughout the body.

✴YFF® relaxes the nervous system.

✴YFF® increases body awareness.