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Body Rolling Books and DVD's

Here is a great option for learning Yamuna Body Rolling routines. These instructional videos are perfect for clients who prefer viewing in a downloadable format. They are optimized for viewing on large format monitors, mobile tablets, and laptop computers.


Each of the instructional videos are presented in  easy-to-follow segments. Small previews from each video are available for viewing in order to acquaint you with the focus of the work for each area of the body.

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The Ultimate Body Rolling Workout Book

By Yamuna Zake and Stephanie Golden.


Yamuna shares the routines she has taught to thousands of clients, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, chiropractors, and personal trainers across the country. An introduction to the principles of YBR® is followed by chapters that present fully illustrated, easy-to-follow routines for the back, hips, abdomen, buttocks, legs, feet, neck, chest, shoulders, and arms.


A final chapter describes how to adapt the routines for older people or those confined to a chair or bed. THE ULTIMATE BODY ROLLING WORKOUT by Yamuna Zake and Stephanie Golden This book was written for the general public, it is clear, concise, easy to read and easy to practice from.


It is highly recommended if you want to understand the logic behind the YBR® method.

Body Rolling, Experiential Approach Book

By Yamuna Zake and Stephanie Golden


If you want to get muscle-specific, this book is for you. Clear, fully illustrated instructions take you through the entire body. You will find basic routines for the front, back, and side, plus Yamuna's detailed "experiential anatomy" routines for working specific muscles of the back, neck, shoulders, arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, and feet. Special sections describe routines to relieve neck problems, shoulder problems, lower back pain, and sciatica; treat scoliosis and herniated disk; and prevent back pain, abdominal prolapse, and during pregnancy and post-partum.


A final chapter explains how to use YBR® to prevent restrictions associated with aging. Designed for professional body workers to use on themselves and with their clients, as well as for fitness-savvy people willing to learn anatomical terms.

BODY ROLLING: An Experiential Approach to Complete Muscle Release by Yamuna Zake and Stephanie Golden.

This was the first book written about Yamuna® Body Rolling and it is written for the massage therapist and other body oriented professionals. It is anatomy specific.

Total Body DVD

YBR Total Body Workout - now on DVD! A whole-body workout. This 57-minute experience works your hamstrings, back, neck, abdomen, and chest. You'll stretch, tone, and realign your entire body, improve your posture, relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain, and release tightness and tension that restrict your movement. You'll grow visibly longer, leaner, and sleeker from the very first session!

The Total Body DVD teaches you how to work the front and back of your body. This is a general whole body reorganizing experience and you will become comfortable working on the ball. Using this program, you will immediately begin to feel that your body is standing taller, better aligned, and you will experience free movements and a sense of relaxation.

Want to learn more about this DVD?  Read my blog "A Review of Yamuna Total Body Workout DVD."


Save Your Shoulders DVD

The SAVE YOUR SHOULDERS DVD is a great way to correct the epidemic rounded shoulders posture or chronic shoulder problems. Sitting for hours at the computer is building poor posture habits into our bodies and causing neck and shoulder problems. This DVD will help you stop the slouching and round shouldered pattern and bring your shoulder joint back to it correct alignment and increase range of motion.

This is a great way to provide self care for preventing and healing shoulder conditions, such as rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulders, and arm and shoulder restrictions.

Save Your Shoulder DVD uses black balls and a gold ball. Products are not included.

YBR Pregnancy DVD

THE YAMUNA® PREGNANCY DVD gives women new and very important education to help them stay in great shape throughout pregnancy and to help restore their bodies back to healthy and aligned shape quickly after.


This DVD stresses keeping the body well aligned, long and toned. The longer and toned a woman's torso through her pregnancy, the more room the baby has to grow and the better for her internal organs to function in. The more uplifted a woman's body is maintained during her pregnancy, the less discomfort she will experience in the last trimester.

This DVD offers a soothing and relaxing and highly effective pregnancy workout.
The black balls and gold ball are used in this DVD and are not included.

Save Your Hips DVD

The SAVE YOUR HIPS DVD offers a very deep workout to guarantee freeing restrictions and increasing your range of motion in your hips and in places you didn't even know were tight! You will get into areas of your hip joints that have been wearing down over the years without you ever knowing it.


This DVD helps you to prevent breakdown in the hip joints and prevent hip replacements if you have worked out hard in your life. *Everyone needs to have this DVD in his/her library of self-care tools. You can feel absolutely fine and all the sudden start to feel restricted as you get up from sitting. You do not have to accept stiffness in your hips and legs as part of the aging process!