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My journey to healing and dynamic aging with Yamuna Body Rolling.

My Story

Dynamic Aging

Restoration Physical Therapy wants to help you embrace dynamic aging and live a vibrant, active and pain-free life. My personal story is one of reclaiming wellness in my body. It is about finding natural solutions for my healing and taking a pro-active approach for a healthy body.

The Turning Point

I have been a physical therapist for over 35 years and have worked in a variety of settings, from hospitals to the home health setting. However, the tables turned as I entered my 50’s. During that timeframe, I noticed a growing number of physical complaints in my own body. I wanted to find solutions to minimize the effects of aging, rather than complacently accept this new norm. It was a turning point in my life.


Change of Educational Focus

During this time, my professional focus changed drastically as I sought out techniques to bring healing to my body. I gained certification in Bowenwork and the Yamuna modalities of Yamuna Body Rolling, Foot Fitness, and Table Treatment.


Yamuna® Body Rolling and Yamuna® Foot Fitness

Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Foot Fitness have been my ticket back to renewed physical health, core strength, flexibility and foot function. As a result, I no longer need to wear arch supports, my feet are pain-free and my posture is markedly improved. Whenever I feel muscle aches or joint pain, I utilize the Yamuna® routines for body sustainability.


With this embodied success, I want to get the word out about how powerful the Yamuna techniques are to dynamic aging.

cartwheels at beach
cartwheels at beach

When I’m not rolling, I enjoy hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, gardening, being with family and friends, playing with my grandchildren, and traveling, especially to places with sandy beaches. And cartwheels.


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