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Your Yamuna® Balls arrived in the mail…What now?

When you first receive your Yamuna balls here is what you should do.

How to Inflate the Yamuna Body Rolling Balls

When you first receive your Yamuna balls, the larger ones (Gold, Silver, and Pearl) will come deflated. The Yamuna pump is highly recommended to inflate the balls as it has been specifically designed to work optimally with the Yamuna balls. Standard sport pumps may work, but some of the needles are too large and may damage the valves of these specialized balls. Use of any other pump besides the Yamuna pump negates the limited warranty on the balls.


The smaller Black balls and the Faceballs are inflated when they are shipped.

Shipping Yamuna balls

Inserting the Needle

To pump them up, moisten the needle of the pump. Gently insert the needle using a twisting motion into the valve which is located at the rim of the deflated ball. Be careful to align the valve so the needle can be fully inserted. If the needle is not going in easily, do not force it. You may be pushing into the side of the valve.


Remove the needle and straighten out the valve or change the angle of the needle so it slides in with ease.

Inflating the Ball

Now it is time to start inflating the ball. Pump the bulb using your hand or foot. Take care not to over-inflate the ball, but leave a little ‘give’ so that you can make a slight indentation with your fingers into the ball.


Over-inflating will stretch the ball materials and change the resistance of the ball. Initially, you will notice a ridge but this will disappear with use.


Gently remove the needle with a twisting movement.


How to Deflate your Yamuna Balls


Remove the needle from your pump by untwisting it. There is a small black rubber O-ring that should remain inside the pump, separate from the needle. Use caution so that the O-ring does not fall out and get misplaced as the pump will not work properly without it.


Next Insert The Needle

Next, moisten the needle and gently insert into the valve with a twisting motion. When you squeeze the ball, you will hear the air escape. Using your knee and body weight is an easy way to fully deflate the ball. Position your knee in the center of the ball making sure that the valve ends up on the upper rim of the ball as it deflates. This will allow for easy inflation for your next use. Gently remove the needle (twist) and replace it back onto the pump so you won’t lose it.


Deflating Your Yamuna Balls

Deflating the Yamuna balls is a great option for traveling. You will notice that the pump fits perfectly inside of the deflated balls.

Other Noteworthy Tips

  • Do not fully deflate the black calf balls
  • When storing your pump, never put the needle tip into the base of the bulb where there is a small hole. This will ruin your pump. Don't let small children play with the pump as it seems irresistible to them to do this. 🙂
  • Keep your Yamuna balls away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Never keep them in a car during hot and sunny days.
  • Never put additional air in either of the two Faceballs.


Additional Benefits of Having a Yamuna Pump

The Yamuna pump is an invaluable tool for Yamuna Body Rolling and you will find it comes in handy on numerous occasions. When your Yamuna balls first arrive, you will be glad you have the pump to quickly inflate them and start rolling.


Packing deflated Yamuna balls and the Yamuna pump when traveling helps prevent or ease minor aches and pains associated with long hours in the plane/car or sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. Another benefit of having the pump is when working those areas that are more tender and not used to weight bearing on a ball.


Deflating the ball a little bit helps immensely, allowing for more comfort and ability to sink deeper into the ball. With proper care, your Yamuna balls will last you a long time and serve you well for your body rolling self-care.


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