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Would you like to find some natural solutions for your pain and stiff joints?

Is there an activity that you enjoy but it is taking a toll on your body?

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At Restoration Physical Therapy, you will find a clinic that immediately sets you at ease.  Each appointment will be with the same physical therapist, delivering effective manual therapy during hour-long treatment sessions so that you can get back to active living. 

Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made and has been designed to heal. Our purpose is to help you in your journey towards active living with techniques that promote healing and body sustainability.

Whether you landed on this website to book an appointment, to learn more about Bowenwork or Yamuna Body Rolling, to register for a class, or to purchase Yamuna balls/products, it is our sincere hope that you find solutions for a healthier you.

New Products

  • Yamuna Ball – Gold

    THE GOLD BALL is often called the beginner or basic ball. This is a must for everyone who wants to do Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR).

  • Yamuna Ball – Pearl

    The pearl ball has the same consistency as the gold ball but is smaller, so it sinks more deeply into your tissues for a more intense experience.

  • Yamuna Ball – Silver

    Once you are comfortable practicing all the Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) routines on the gold ball, graduate to this harder, denser ball to get deeper into your tissues.

  • Yamuna Black Balls (Pair)

    The black balls are the smallest of the Yamuna balls and come in a set of two. Measuring approximately 4-inches in diameter, these balls are effective at working in tighter spaces impacting the intricate muscle chains with more detail.

  • Yamuna Pump

    This cute little pump is used for inflation and deflation of the Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) balls. It is powerful enough to quickly inflate the YBR balls yet it takes up little space in your overnight bag, so it’s easy to do YBR® when you travel.


Recent Blog Posts

  • Yamuna Body Rolling: Leg Alignment for Healthy Knees

    Taking Care of the Knee Joint One particular joint that is vulnerable to injury is the knee. It is called a hinge joint which allows for bending (flexion) and straightening (extension) of the leg. Normal range of motion is 135
  • Roll out your Hip Pain with Yamuna Body Rolling

    Take Care of your Hip Joint The hip joint is designed to withstand a large amount of impact. Because of its strategic location between the torso and the legs, it takes a lot of pressure from forces above and below.
  • Skinny Jeans and Your Health

    Last month in the news it was reported that a woman was hospitalized, unable to walk after spending a lot of time in the squatting position cleaning out cupboards while wearing skinny jeans. The tight fitting pants caused a condition